Friday, 7 September 2007

Time to Rotate Projects

There is a reocurring theme to most my posts...time. Usually it little there is and how quickly it flies. If only, I were to have reason to complain about how much and how slow! Thus is my life and others': time and how it's spent.

My DH is forever reminding me that I, and only I, am responsible for the stress that is self-inflicted. And I agree. I can't say no. N-O. Instead I say, yes, just pile it on! I take on more projects than physically possible. Which is why when I read Barbara's post on her rotating system asking others to join along...I said, YES! anything to lessen the stress and increase the joy in crafting and thrill of completing projects...Yes!

Funny enough, just prior I had already thought out a plan to devote one hour (at minimum) to crafts each night. You see, ordinarily I won't start working on something unless the DH is fed and settled for the night, the girls are snug tight in bed, the kitchen is sparkling clean, the laundry is folded and the stars are aligned just right and I've achieved my ideal weight...yeah, right! No really, I do tend to hold off on my crafts for optimum timing--well, it's not happening Internet people! So I've come to accept one hour stitching or cutting or designing is better than no hour at all.

And even better is Barbara's system of rotating projects. I don't know about ya'll, but I can get bored and projects get stale. So purrfect solution! I've listed my to-do list on the side bar and now I'll outline the rotation order and why.
Sorry if this is boring but for me this is like laying out the ingredients for a nice chocolate rich cake--soon we'll be able to devour the delish results!

1. Commission baby quilt--this is long-promised for a friend of MIL. Unfortunately, the friend-of element always lessens the desire/drive to get it done! Now it has become a cloud hanging over me! First step to be done in under an hour--finalize the fabrics and solidify the design

2. Gift baby girl quilt--coworker's first baby! how can I resist! But I promise to do an easy peasy strip quilt so it can be done quickly.

3. Fall Quilt Swap--can't wait. Once these doll quilts start, they are easy to wrap up. So I just need to kick off with a color choice and design!

4. Commission baby blue and white--oh, this one is lingering for months. I was given an assortment of baby sleepsuits, sentimental to the mother, for cutting and appliquing to nine patch squares. The thought of having someone's sentimental-irreplaceable baby clothes in my storage makes my skin crawl. The first sign of a fire, and, nevermind the passports and family photos, I'm running for this bag of goodies. That's how serious this is!!

5. Commission baby colors--this was commissioned as 'do whatever you feel like'. Well I feel like nice and easy--another strip quilt, maybe with a boyish theme border or sash. Done dirt simple!

6. Throw earth tones--this is for me! I've gathered the colors and fabrics and want a simple patch design. Something that might make the living room more homey.

7. Pencil cases--they are so cute!!
8. Halloween wall hangings--I sell in the Farmers' Market on Sundays--and yet of late, have nothing new to put on display and sell, as I am so busy with my commissioned quilts. As soon as I make them they go to buyer, so my display at market is stale and needs u-m-p-f!

Wish me luck. I plan to blog my progress to keep me in check! Stay tuned!

ps., Starting this tomorrow as I have my date night with DH--going to sushi and movies! woohoo!

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Cathi said...

Sounds like some good projects. I do the rotating thing naturally, lol, as I have different things in different parts of the house, so depending on where the girls are playing and if I've done the housework, I can hand quilt down in the spare room, knit or do stitchery in the living room, or work on piecing a quilt for me!

Hope you are doing well! Cathi