Thursday, 27 September 2007

The Working Mom

This morning on the way to work, tuned to the radio, the following tidbits were revealed after a recent survey of what Irish Woman Think…in Ireland, of course.

Women who work outside the home have a better quality of life.
Women who work outside the home are regarded highly by general population. Women who stay at home are not regarded as high by general population.

These same women also said…
Families whose mothers stay at home have a superior child-raising experience than those who mothers work outside the home.

Food for thought? Hmmm.

My personal opinion strongly disagrees with the first statement. My, and this is mine only, quality of life seriously suffers because I work. However, I work because we need the money. If I worked to add to an already secure (i.e., able to subsist beyond paycheck to paycheck) livelihood, then I don't know, I would have to question that 'quality' of life for myself. For others to judge is tricky, unless you are privy to all of one's reasons for working outside the home.

When Babydoll was in playschool, I felt a distinct stereotype eluding from the workers of the community-run daycare. It was as if they thought I was working to support my shopping addiction, the tax and fuel consumption from our Landrover and our lavish home set on two acres. Well, that is far from the truth. I haven't bought a new outfit since before my pregnancies (starting 2002), I drive a station wagon that stalls if it idles longer than 7 minutes, and we rent a home which retains the same walls and decor as when built in the '70s.
So you see, I've experienced both sides of attidude found in this poll.

In our neighboring countryside, homes are handed down, and if homes are not there to give, land usually is, so for many in our area mortgages are nonexistent. If we did not pay rent or mortgage, it would be a huge help and I most certainly would work less than full time.

If I had a choice, I would work part time. Or even ideally, work in the school system, somehow, somewhere. This to me seems like a perfect compromise that would allow me to enjoy my life (quality or whathaveyou) as well as enjoy the fortunate opportunity to be home while raising my girls. I’m hoping in the very near future I have a choice.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this: why the phrase: “Stay at Home Mom”?
Home was the traditional, first place for moms, so why isn’t it “Go to Work Mom”?

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