Monday, 24 September 2007

Verry Busy!

Whew! What a busy weekend. Course, when I think about it, not too much was accomplished.

In fact, I even missed some important To-Dos. Like get my Babydoll’s gym suit for school. Yikes. She had to go to school today in her regular clothes and a note apologizing. Oh, I feel like a horrible mom!!

But who am I kidding? With two growing kiddies, there’s not a lota room for hangin’ about.

What I did do on Saturday was go visit the local Irish Patchwork Society. The meeting was in a town north of Dublin on the ocean front, so the girls and I made the train trek up there and I scurried off to the meeting while Babydoll and Cutiepie played in the park with the au pair.

It was nice. I even joined in membership. And I came home with inspiration and project ideas. The membership meets once a month and there is a patchwork library and vendors on site. A win/win in one!

One idea, free to take home, was a patchwork advent calendar for coming Christmas. I loved it; very simple and doable. However, the last detail is to put numbers on the pockets. Does anyone have a quick cute way of adding numbers to a quilt work? I’m trying to keep it simple, would consider appliquéing fabric numbers to the pockets… Any ideas out there?

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katelnorth said...

I think I would probably do fusible applique - attach bondaweb to the fabric you want to use for the number, leaving the paper on, then draw the number (backwards) on the paper and cut out (I find it easier to get fine detail with the paper still attached). Then just iron on. Not practical for something that has to be washed a lot, but fine for an advent calendar.