Monday, 17 September 2007

Snug as A Bug

< picture intentionally removed>
You may wonder how I got so much sewing done this weekend...well it helps, when both little girls are down for the count, watching TV and suffering the school onset of colds and stomach bugs. Unfortunately for them, fortunately for mommy sewing away, their energy zapped.

Above is adorable Cutiepie about 2am after she emptied her entire dinner and dessert onto Dora and all her stuffed pals found in her warm bed. It was so bad I could not see straight to clean it all up, get it dried and we made do on the couch, the wet wipes being a vital element. Poor baby! You will notice the lovely princess up-do, that was necessary cause she just keeps throwing up! Again, poor baby!

Meanwhile earlier in the day, I merrily made my way onto No. 5 Project, boy quilt and No. 2 Project, girl quilt. I'm taking all my scraps and crumbs and stripping them down...into bright colors, pastel colors, and busy patterns. Kinda like sorting laundry but more fun!
Anyway using the mile-a-minute method, I have strings coming out the wazoo, and can't wait to return for more! The boy quilt is taking less time than I thought. It is to be a 'wonky' square with a car in the middle. Think I have enough done to do two quilts at a baby size. We'll see...

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