Monday, 17 September 2007

It's My Prerogative!

This weekend, as I was diligently rotating my projects, paralysis seeped in. I had lept onto Project 1, a commissioned baby quilt. Once I finished the flimsy (top piece) I put it aside and hopped over to my Four Seasons Fall Quilt.
And here’s where the stall began. You see, in the summer, I joined a swap over at That swap seems to have sorta stopped mid-air, as seen on its webpage. It’s kinda like reading a book only to find the last few pages ripped out. Luckily for me, I received a lovely quilt from North Carolina—I think, somewhere in that vast country land—in fact, it was one of the first ones completed.

Realize, I could have been an awaiting recipient…still! Amazing that people would sign up and yet not keep up the end of their deal! From the looks of it, that happens. So disappointing, but it allows the true quilting angels to come forward.

Mine, in return, was due to go to a home in California. Once finished in July, I took it to Las Vegas with me and mailed it from there, well before the deadline. Enter my gripe.

No updates, no comments from recipient, no mentions on my recipient’s blog, no nada, no nothing! Can you taste the sourness in my mouth? It was during that swap that I signed up for the FS swap…otherwise, no doubt my interest wan.

Lost in the in the mail?
My partner hated it?
Her dog ate it?

I realize it was a bit avante gard, but I think it was a good attempt. A colorwash, and perhaps not fitting of just any d├ęcor? But no one said she has to hang it over the mantelpiece…just an acknowledgement would be nice.
And if you think I’m whining, you should see and hear DH. He loved that wall hanging and was quite disappointed when I broke the news that it belonged to another home and I was to give it away. His whining continues.

He loved it dearly and I knew he would be bothered so I kept mum. Until. I sat like Stella trying to get her groove back, something had to give or I was never gonna get the next doll quilt going. I had wanted to use lovely pumpkin fabric, but the guidelines advised against holiday seasonal. So I thought, think stupid! It hit me. KISS: keep it simple stupid. My partner likes traditional quilting, so I picked out a relatively easy block design, new fall colors and wham! I was on my way.

It is my prerogative, afterall, to change my mind. So I’m posting this picture of my new fabric picks and the quilt will be in the mail this week! Stay tuned for the photo.

Best of all, I managed to keep the pumpkins as backing and my husband’s whining? Well it’s nothing that can’t be drowned out by a few pints in the local pub.

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