Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Beauty, Not Babies

Foggie Night Callas By Carrie Bourdeau

I realize those who have read my latest posts… Anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

Is that an echo I hear?

Yes, you. YOU MIGHT think I have baby on the brain what with my baby this, baby that blogging.

Well, better to be baby on the brain than baby in the belly. For me, anyway.

I love all that is baby, and oh, I big heart my two baabaas, but I don’t need more, thankyouverymuch.

Not long ago BA posted this hysterical—but real—remedy addressing the source of this baby business. And in between chuckles, I was thanking PMS gods (goddesses?) everywhere that my chosen contraceptive leaves me with no need for such diva devices. I suffer no monthly physical ailments.

Unless, of course, you count the self-inflicted physical battering brought on emotionally during Aunt Flow’s visit. It’s not my fault DH would rather run into oncoming cars than mop up my hysterical sobbing.

Ok, I’m way off target here. The point of the post is to post something non baby. Or rather, the point of the post is my Someone Spectacular.

I’m just sayin’ this post ain't about babies. Though, I will say, this someone was my dependable, endearing pregnancy pen pal whilist we were both expecting our first child in 2002/3. Ok. Done. No more talk about babies or pregnancies. I promise.

Carrie is one of my oldest longest longstanding friends. We schooled together. We worked together. And, briefly, we did the San Francisco thing together.

She’s a devoted mom and wife. She’s a hardworking lawyer. Oh yes, she is smart. And not least of all, she is a talented artist. Last year I visited her at home in Nevada. One step into her abode and you can feel her creativity flowing throughout. It is alive and well.

I love me some colorwash techniques. It was no wonder that I was in awe when I walked into her studio and saw a wall hanging comprising a gazillion post-it sized color pieces, the sum of which was a gorgeous colorwash artwork.

I’m fairly certain I just short-changed the correct description of this artwork. But do you get it that she is talented and and her artwork stunning?

It may not be a colorwash, but isn’t the picture above a real beauty?

Now featuring in the City of the World Art Gallery is Carrie Bourdeau, my friend. You must check her out!

Meanwhile, I’m gonna ask when and where we can see her colorwash art….

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