Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Can You See Me Now?

Two days a week I work from home. I write for a technical company and the subject matter is mostly readily available on my remote laptop. My typical 'home' day is up at 7am, turn on and log in to computer.

My company, with several global offices, communicates via Skype, a tele/video/chat messenger service. It can be a great thing.
That is, if, one remembers to disengage the laptop camera shortly after signing on, bedhead and all, at 7:05 a.m.

My previous careers involved cell phones as well as the computer. So much so, as manager of a team of 15 print artists, I, and DH, slept safely without an alarm clock, for on any given weekday there was a 7am !beep! announcing someone texting in sick.

At the time, I thought, is there anything worse than these early morning signs of work to come? That was before skyping. Though, skyping? I so highly recommend it. My specific advice would be to limit your skype contacts to friends and family...leave the bosses offline.

And yet, this week my Skype's icon light has been dim at most.

The changing of the guard is underway but not in place for childcare on Monday. That day with Cutiepie flickered my skype icon continuously on and off, leaving me too dizzy to actually do the work, nevermind stay signed in.

Tuesday was Babydoll's first ever school field trip. Let's just say crying buckets is better left for a time when not applying sunscreen. I managed to stop my tears after she assured me for the sixth time, that she would be fine.

Then, lights out with more work neglected as Mary Poppins the Fifth (MPV) landed in Dublin Airport. That afternoon. An hour late. But, thanks heavens to Betsy, help is now here!

Still, today, Wednesday, nearly swallowed me and my icon whole between a wasted car repair appointment and pangs of guilt and bundles of worry for leaving MPV alone on her first day.

Tomorrow, I resurrect the early morning car repair before hitting the office. You might wonder what is up with the car...fret no more, it has the makings of a post. For now, just know the dealership, the testing tech, four hours of waiting and many tears more, and the car will be deemed safe to drive. Mark my words. The last thing that techie wants to see is the stressed-out teary-eyed, goal-driven mama again!

Back at home, MPV will be left to mind the girls alone again, this time while routine maintence shuts off all power for six hours. Thanks Mr. Electric Company. Cause, like, we really needed that added challenge. NOT.

Friday, I'll be at a holiday home on the coast of County Mayo, where I know already internet connection is nonexistent.

There is sure to be no glow coming from my Skype icon.

With any luck, we will find a better glow elsewhere!

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Bunny said...

Hi just popped in, found your blog from another blog. Guess that is what we do LOL. Hope your day went without a hitch and your little one had a nice trip.
I love Ireland went once in 1976 to Derry and met friends had a fantastic time.