Sunday, 1 June 2008

Look at This and You Might Ovulate

Hosting a baby shower in Ireland is like embarking upon a new frontier. So new, there's not a single baby shower invitation pack to be found. Not even in the Hallmark stores. I know 'cause I shopped and shopped.

Which is why when Anna Maria posted this beauty, I was all over it. Anna Maria Horner is my lastest greatest find in blogland. A brillant designer whose wonderful ideas colorize her blog. Check her out!
So do you like it?

Has your milk come in?

Isn't it so baby-licious?

Invitations done, I'm that much closer to hosting a June baby shower. In Ireland. It's a world of willing and fun party participants who have yet to experience the cross-your-legs-and-lose-your-safety-pin game and several silly others. As hostess, I' m looking forward to getting back to my roots, embracing the gaa gaa antics and telling grown women to measure using toilet paper squares.

What's your favorite baby shower game?


Casey said...

soo pretty!! I might have to make invitations for my shower this time around

i'm kelly said...

this is so cute! what a great idea!