Monday, 21 January 2008

No Time for Broken Bones

My batting has arrived!! Who’s got time to bat an eye? Not I!

The numbers are still on the money. For the price of my batting with shipping included (well over the cost of the product!), there is still a savings of several hundred euro. The best part is I now have a couple crafty cohorts who will in the future order with me, thus reducing the shipping costs per person!

Now that I have enough batting to sew 2, 3 or 56 quilts, I must get moving sewing!
Last night Babydoll accidentally shut the kitchen door on Cutiepie’s finger. It was very precarious for a time while we contemplated an evening trip to the ER (for you yanks) or A&E (for you Paddys).

Dad: It looks very bad.
Mom: Oh, she has pudgy fingers.

An hour later
Dad: It looks swollen.
Mom: Nah, she just has fat fingers.

At bedtime
Dad: I think it’s really swollen.
Mom: I’m telling you, she's got fat fingers.

Cutiepie’s therapy bill in 12 years: €4,213


My present project is my mother in law’s 70th birthday present. This is a photo of a quilt I recently saw (sorry, credit not known) at the Tinahealy Agriculture Fair.

For MIL, I’m duplicating it and throwing in a dozen family photos in sepia tone. I can’t wait. Tonight I hope to sew my blocks. It should go rather quickly...barring any broken bones.

I don't think I can fool DH twice in a row.


katelnorth said...

You forgot to include "casualty", the third way for those of us on this side of the Irish Sea...

Hope she's all better. Oh, and sorry about the job interview.

Pink and Barbara said...


Nice quilt. Would love to see how yours turns out.