Thursday, 30 August 2007

First Timers' School Daze

pictures intentionally removed div>Babydoll began her first day of school yesterday. And Cutiepie ventured to playschool for the first time. Lots of firsts. Mommy had a morning to herself--while not a first, it was surreal!

On the right is a picture of Cutiepie. I found her like this fast asleep about one hour after she came home from her first day at school. A bit zonked out, would you say?
Today is day #2. No work this week so I can be 100% mommy. And I'm finding the transition may be harder on the adults than the students. Yesterday was spent worrying--there were a few tears and several death grips on my clothes in the classrooms. Today I feel more like a deer caught in glaring headlights than a mom calculating out school run times. The clock is ticking away until I need to return to collect both daughters from different schools (and in two different villages).

My mind is spinning a million revolutions per sec. What do I do with 2 hours of freedom?
-Sew! oh, yes.
-But I should get dinner prepared, be organized, save time!
-Maybe I should get out taxes sorted, they are due in October--nah, plenty of time for that.
-That laundry piling high on the couch really needs folding before the girls think they can climb mount everest in thier very living quarters.
-Blog and read blogs, yes that should suck the very second out of all my time! Right, now that that's decided...


katelnorth said...

I think you'll find that, although it's amazing how short a period two hours is, it's also amazing how much you can pack into that period - far more, and I guarantee this - than you ever could have done before you had kids :)

Anonymous said...

HI Sherry
I miss you so much
sent me some email at

Barbara said...

Hi Sherry!

Love the blog...and she really looks like she is tired. Really enjoy the stories about the girls.

I have tried to get in contact with ou by mail but not luck just an out of office please contact me on skype and mesenger..


Not Lucy said...

The first few days of that free time is kind of hard to figure out but in a few weeks you will be able to put it to good use in many ways! My 'baby' started his senior year on Wednesday.