Thursday, 23 August 2007

Anatomy of ABCs

Over the summer Babydoll has been gearing up for her coming first school mere days, yikes! She appears to have inherited her mother’s fondness of writing, and she is frequently practice-scribbling her ABCs on grocery lists, cards, and basically, any paper within her grasp.

One morning she was addressing a birthday card to her grandfather. As she went merrily through the H-a-p-p-y, she strained momentarily on the next letter...B...

I motioned to help and quickly she shoo’d me away saying, “ I know it, Moooom!" in exasperation.

"It’s the line with the two boobies!” she said triumphantly with all the seriousness that a small wonder wielding a purple crayon can muster.

Think there’s a chance that her fellow students will be writing the alphabet with same associated anatomy learning? I'm off to see if we can refine boobies for humps or half circles...

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