Thursday, 30 August 2007

All Things Crafty

Right now I'm in the middle of two darling baby quilts for twins. One is to be pink with a lime green and the other is to be lime green with pink. So far the pink is my favorite!

Recently I made a backpack for Babydoll. (pictured above) While I know kids won't want homemade fashions for long, she did pick out all the fabrics and happily totes it to school.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherry,
I like your blog. I'm so glad Bethany had a chance to do a couple of quilts while she was with you. She plans to do more (hopefully including one for my bed). We went to the fair and she was pointing out different things about the quilts we saw there. I told her she should definately enter of hers on next year.

Anonymous said...

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