Saturday, 4 October 2008

When Dreams Become Reality and Humble Pie's for Dinner

Back when, I was dreaming. One day in June I posted some examples of what made up my dream. Some lovely quilts in Irish settings. I was rambling and in my excitement I took no care to credit the books, the photographer, and was even so bad as to give a less than worthy description of the quilts—my obsessive attention on my dream.

Well, now that dream is realized and as all roads do, they lead back to the beginning, for reflection or otherwise. We examine where we come from—as we should. As such, I have adjusted that post for every good photo deserves a credit and every quilt its own appreciation.

That particular post illustrated photos from Pat Sloan’s book Tour of Ireland with lovely quilts made exclusively for that venture. We are lucky if we can repeat the genuine and fantastic love of Ireland in our Irish Quilting magazine. The copies of pictures posted on my blog were from photographer Cheryl Johnson found in the book published by Leisure Arts.

This same group of people has contributed to our first issue generously. Not only has Pat provided a quilt and pattern to feature, she wrote an article for the issue! But it doesn’t stop there, she has been promoting the magazine and we’ve loads of inquires from every corner of America. Pat is a very real and humble person as I’ve come to know her well in cyber space and she has been very gracious in this most embarrassing gaffe of mine. Another instance of the exceptional character of quilters. Truly loving and kind. Thanks Pat!

So remember, it’s not... Watch what you wish for, it could come true,

But yet... it is, Believe in your wish, and give all of it the uptmost respect it deserves.

Oh, and don’t think I didn’t try to pin this blunder on DH. Of course. Who wouldn’t try? I asked if I could retell it as if he posted that no-credit-no-respect-post. He said ahem, no.

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Anne Marie said...

How about you were distracted by DH while writing previous post and was therefore unaware that you forgot to write in the credit!!!!! Do you think that would float????? I am sure there was no ill intentions and all parties concerned understand!! Talk later!!!!!