Wednesday, 15 October 2008


The things I miss.

I miss my bed.
I miss my daughters.
I miss my blog friends.
I miss my sewing time.

Soon, soon, I will have some of my life back.

Oh, but the excitement. This is crazy. More important than all, this is a dream come true.

There are three people in my world who have a inkling of what I’m going through and that’s cause they’re here holding my hand and when they aren’t holding my hand, they are busy producing this dream come true. Some people are priceless.

I'm talking about Ben and Laura (aka Twirly) who work magic on their Macs; none of this would be real without them!
And to my DH, who has turned husband extraordinaire through it all.

Oh, Cutiepie and Babydoll, well, let’s just say they get it. In our house, in the cutiest of voices, everything can be heard to have a ‘pattern’, ‘a draft’ and ‘a good photo?’
Oh, and the girls? They are forever having “a plan.”

We are at that wonderful stage where everything mommy and daddy say is repeated.

Guess I should be thankful we are at a productive stage of our lives and what we hear isn’t all that bad for child rearing...I hope.

Yesterday Cutiepie held up our 8 page media packet and exclaimed, “Mommy, making a magazine is SO HARD.” I know honey. Try adding 92 pages to that!

Did I say three kind saints in my life? I meant four... and I’ll let you guess at who.

Yep, Natalie, she minds, feeds, dresses, entertains and teaches my sweethearts...knitting. Tugs at the heart, don’t it?

And just for hanging in there and coming back when you never know when I might surface, here's a sneekpeak:

Curious? Don't know about you, but my 2009 is gonna be rockin'!


Caryn said...

All the sacrifices will be worth it - and what a wonderful role model you are for your daughters - following your dream, taking chances, working hard - all the lessons they will learn from watching you will more than make up for the time you have to be away!

Anna K. said...

Sounds manic, tedious, creative, draining and.....wonderful! I'm glad that in the midst of reaching for your star, you've realized that you couldn't reach if you didn't have the loving support of friends and family.

Love the sneekpeak! Even though I haven't stopped by in a while, I think of you often and hope that things are going well.