Monday, 6 October 2008

Payback with Pink Patchwork

Ok, I can't believe this, but I am blogging this evening on a day -weekday, no less- where I haven't even checked my email. Yes, I have the shakes. Seriously, is my gmail in fear of malfunction because the inbox remains unchecked? Yes. Yes. I think so. Or maybe it's me who will shrivel up.

Either way, I'll post this before one of us self destructs.

This is a little diddy we did in one afternoon. 'Cause we have no more time than that, even that time was borrowed.

Babydoll and Cutiepie both attended a local playschool over the last three years. When the school was introduced to me, it was said of the owner, "she is a godsend and will help in whatever way with schedules." I'll never forget our first phone conversation, when she said, "You tell me what you need, and I'll see how I can accommodate you and your daughters." To an overworked mom struggling to make deadlines and schedules meet, Michelle, the owner, was a dream come true.
This month Michelle had a baby girl and ironically, named her Babydoll's name (no, not 'Babydoll').

I could not pass up the opportunity to payback her kindness and since she already had two boys, surely she could use more pink.

So here we have it. It is a basic patchwork, quick and easy. I've found the simplicity of patchwork allows me to play with my machine quilting. When machine quilting images, I find a canvas of all squares helps make measurements even. If you turn the quilt over you can see the rows of flowers.

Ok time's up. Off to soothe my gmail shakes.


Anne Marie said...

Verry nice machine quilting, major cute factor!!!!!

Mom/Grandma said...

How big is your sweet quilt? I am thinking that my granddaughters might like one for Christmas.