Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Hanging on the Line

This colorful quilt is for a baby due to arrive in just three weeks. We enjoyed a lovely sunny baby shower on Sunday and mom-to-be was happy to receive this quilt.

In case you noticed, the red diamonds and their cut off points are more proof that I should focus my efforts on making a top quilt magazine as opposed to making elaborate quilt tops where I continually sell short proper time management and always end up with dull points.

Thank you everyone for voting on the last post; the random winner will be announced later this week!

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gramakas said...

Hi Sherry! Thanks for your comment on my blog. I have enjoyed "getting to know you" via your blog too! I sent your package off in the mail yesterday as well! Hopefully we will both get our packages about the same time. When I got home from the post office I found the card I had written to you that I some how failed to include in the package so I will be sending it on it's own. It will explain a little bit about the items I sent you so hopefully it will get to you first... but if not just know it will be coming shortly! BTW, I love that baby quilt! and all the quilts you have shown. I used to do a "quilt of the week" post but I've been so caught up in my China trip reporting that I've neglected my quilts. I have one to show that I took over to my grandson as his birthday present so I need to feature that in a post ASAP.