Thursday, 17 July 2008

Cashin' on the Favorites

Did anyone else notice the anonymous comment that Johnny Cash was a quilter? You know, I sorta buy that idea. But then again, anyone who shares gossip and signs themselves Anonymous, well, you gotta wonder. But still, maybe so.

Too bad for Anonymous, we wanted to award him/her just cause Cash is a favorite in our house. There's still time for more hearsay, go comment and I’ll be pulling the random winner tomorrow.

Speaking of favorites, we at VerrySherry cashed in! Firstly, thanks to Kelly who organized this quirkly little, big Favorites swap. She thoughtfully connected me with another Sherryverry nice. Like how I sher my name?

Oh, alright, I’ll stop with the name plays.

According to me, Kelly did a knockout job and it couldn’t have been an easy job; I think there were over 300 bloggers playing along! Sherrie, my partner, is a quilter and a very thoughtful one at that.

She sent me her favorites, which are now my favorites. They were adorable in quilty wrapping paper. Too sweet!

A lovely quilt top done in her favorite colors. What a gift! DH was floored. I get to finish it off and keep it! Thinking I might add one more border so it is that large enough for me to lounge with it in my favorite chair. I thought this was an incredible gesture and handiwork and I love it!!!

A patriotic pin cushion. Ok, hold on to your seats, when I say..I do not own a pin cushion. I know, I know, what kind of seamstress am I? A dangerous one. So says DH as he gingerly picks a straight pin from his sock.
I now own a lovely pin cushion and solemnly swear to use it gladly.

The Quiltmaker’s Gift book by Jeff Brumbeau and Gail de Marcken. The most touching gift for the whole family. We’ve read the story over and over and it is now by far a favorite in our home. What a gift!

and last, but not least, M&Ms…uh, um, candy? I think it was something like premium, decadent flavors and almonds in your traditional M&Ms. I think? It all happened so fast. We wolfed that bad baby down before the postman made it out our gate. Yummy.

Thank you Sherrie. You are one of my favorites!


Coleen & Kelly said...

looks like fun! what a great package, she really out did herself. a quilt top?! awesome!

i'm kelly said...

opps! that was me.

Margaret aka Supermom said...

There's a second QUiltmaker book too! We have both.
And to make it even sweeter, there are two AWESOME quilt books modeled after these two books - The patterns and pics in the books are fantastic. They are by JoAnne Larson Line (I think)

Janet said...

I've been sewing since I was 10 (am now 52) and just before Christmas I made myself my first pin cushion.