Sunday, 23 December 2007

Santa's Not The Only One Who's Busy

It is exactly a month and a day since I stopped working.

It is the eve of Christmas Eve.

The Christmas spirit has arrived, finally.

It has been a long time coming; a month of sick and ailing bodies, one car under costly repair, four commissioned quilts to complete and a house in complete disarray.
Today, there are few coughs and even less runny noses, the car is running to and fro, all quilts are sewn and tucked into new homes, and the house is decked with boughs of holly. 'Tis the season to be jolly.

The Christmas tour of homes took place on Dec 17, and we’ve yet to take stage—online. I’ll blame the delay on our overseas location and post my tour for all to see on festive Christmas Eve.

Until then I’ll leave you all with a mixture of my happiest achievements: my girls and my quilts!

Cutiepie, overhearing DH and myself discussing money [to be] spent on Christmas presents:

“Yeah, but, actshully [sic], Mommy, you don’t need money, 'cause Santa is bringing all the presents!”

♪ fa la la la la ♪

My schedule was one quilt a week leading to Christmas and despite the many setbacks, I’m thrilled I stayed on track; below you’ll find all four finished. There are three pending orders for January so I’ll give myself some holiday cheer and rest and start back after the new year.

Quilt #1: for Baby Iona This was commissioned by a grandmother and is now delivered and lives in Australia. The colors were requested, though, I’m not pleased with the dark purple. The name, however, was a success.

Quilts #2. #3. #4. These quilts were commissioned by a mother who wants to surprise her grown daughters with Christmas gifts. Two months ago, the mom arrived with past school uniforms, souvenir t-shirts, school athletic gear, baseball caps. The challenge was making all these mementos quilt worthy. Her one request was to spare nothing. Oh no. Well I’m happy to say I survived and I don’t think the quilts are too bad.

Using basic scrap strip quilting as centerpieces on each quilt—there is a unique likeness (pardon the complete oxymoron) that the strips illustrate across the three, while the large borders contain all the memorabilia. Each center is a strip pattern found at Bonnie’s. I used the daughter’s favorite colors as focus and binding and held my breath.

Today the quilts were received by one very happy customer. It feels great to know that that person is giving such sentimental gifts to loved ones and I helped make that happen!!

♪ fa la la la la ♪

Babydoll telling me that this Santa is not the ‘real’ Santa…

"Yep, he’s only Santa’s Teller."

What is a Santa Teller, honey?

"You know, he goes and tells Santa what the kids want for Christmas."


Bonnie said...

The memory quilts turned out so great!! I can see why your customer loved them....School uniforms even! Who woulda thunk it! :cD Way to go!


sMC said...

well done, and your girls are a credit to you I can see you have bought them up correctly ~ they know all about Santa. Seasons Greetings to You and Yours. Have a Happy Day.

katelnorth said...

That's like my DS, age 4, who tells me that it's not the Real Santa because "he's much too busy this time of year and has to send a helper"