Monday, 24 December 2007

Verry Merry Sherry's

Christmas Tour of Homes
As promised, here is a tour of Christmastime decor at the VerrySherry home. We have the usual cast of characters:

Santa and his train of jubulee

Frosty I and Frosty II

Both snowmen play lively music and have the house in tune. My sweet friend Rhonda gave us Frosty I, dressed in blue, when we lived in SF. Babydoll has grown up with his jiggly musical moves. In 2005, Twirly godmother performed open-battery surgery after Frosty suffered an apparent froststroke. With a little tinfoil and a twinkle, Frosty I was back in action.

Frosty II was a lovely gift sent from Rhonda and her family in 2005. We love to hear and watch him play his piano.

The NutCracker

He's never in the same place I last left him, thanks to the girls. hmf!

The *cough*Fake*cough Tree decorated CutiePie and Babydoll style

DH Favorite

Santa lights up optic-whatever-you call those fiber lights. Pretty cool in the dark of the night.

Babydoll Favorite

Her newest Irish dancer.

Cutiepie Favorite

This snowglobe is a call out to all those Texans--BigMama are you listening? Can you hear sleighbells?

VerrySherry Favorite

This is my crystal bowl I love so much. Seaneen gave it to us for our wedding and on most days it holds melody of bananas and apples, but don't these shiny balls seem so much more appropriate?
Also, notice the runner and it's matching tea cozy. A gift made by myself, given to myself. The runner is another great AnnaBanana pattern from Pink Chalk Studio--I can never get enough!

Organically Grown

Artist: Cutiepie and help

Deal of the Year

Bought these trees at an estate sale, three for one Euro. I think they could have some serious design potential, but I've yet to unleash it. For now, I favor the red berries.

Merry Christmas, and to all a Good Night!


Dawn said...

I loved taking a tour of your home! Love the tree, snowmen and Santa figurines!!! I collect Santa figurines, water globes and villages but I think I will begin collecting snowmen too :-)

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas!!! It went by so quickly and in a few short days it will be 2008....sigh...

Christmas greetings from Dawn in Germany!

Anonymous said...

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