Monday, 1 July 2013

Cool School Days

Friday was the last day of the school year for the girls which was the pinnacle for all the parties, lack of school work, early collection, and of course, more sweets. The parties and candy start early; I think my daughters have been without homework and mindful treats at school since the beginning of June. Though with no ending workload, the girls are managing well in studies..

They received their report cards and grades are up and holding. Babydoll had been struggling, but we reinforced some studying habits and it’s paid off. Both girls made their usual thank you Teacher tote bags. Cutiepie’s teachers were repeat from Babydoll, so we designed a cute wall hanging for the two job share teachers. At the last minute, Cutiepie said one of her teachers, who always uses her tote bag from Babydoll given a previous year, commented that she couldn’t wait to get another tote bag. So we kicked into gear and, these days Cutiepie does all the stitching, so it wasn’t too bad at the 11th hour.

Everyday in June it seemed like party time for these students.

What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall at the school in the weeks that lead up to breaks. I am astonished. It’s ridiculous that they get an entire month for a ‘wind down’. There’s the usual end of year events as sports day, but beyond that each school day should be a working, learning day. What kind of lesson is this for children? What society or lifestyle today builds in a month ‘winding down’ without obligations to do as expected?

Unless of course, we’re assuming each of these kids land a job teaching at the school.

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