Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Eavesdropping on an Empty Stomach

Overheard on 17:50 Dublin-Wexford Bus

[ring, ring]

Man on Bus: Hello??
Woman on Phone: (unintelligible)

Man on Bus: Oh, pity. Christening and funeral in one go, eh?
Woman on Phone: (unintelligible)

Man on Bus: Tell me, did they have any food?
Woman on Phone: (unintelligible)

Man on Bus: yeah, yeah. But tell me, did they have any food?
Woman on Phone: (unintelligible)

Man on Bus: Ah, yeah. And what food did they have?
Woman on Phone: (unintelligible)

Man on Bus: Chicken?  Chicken? Chicken?
Woman on Phone: (unintelligible)
Man on Bus: Ahhh, chicken.

Man on Bus: Ah, tell me, were there roast potatoes? You know, crispy roast potatoes?
Woman on Phone: (unintelligible)

Man on Bus:  Oh good. The works?
Woman on Phone: (unintelligible)

Man on Bus: Tell me, and did they do all the vegs?
Woman on Phone: (unintelligible)
Man on Bus: Oh, yes, that be the works.

Man on Bus: Tell me, was there gravy? Gravy? Gravy?
Woman on Phone: (unintelligible)

Man on Bus: Loooovely. Gravy.

Man on Bus: Oh, what about afterwards, did you get dessert? Dessert?
Woman on Phone: (unintelligible)

Man on bus: Yeah, dessert?

Woman on Phone: (unintelligible)

Man on bus: Yah, but what'd you get for dessert?
Woman on Phone: (unintelligible)

Man on bus: Man, that's the way to live. That's lovely. Loovely.

Man on bus: Oh, but tell me, was it warm? Warm?
Woman on Phone: (unintelligible)
Man on Bus: Yeah, warm?

Man on bus: Looooovely.

Overheard at Home 20:20

DH: Hello
Me: Hello
DH: There's some chicken and mash in the fridge.
ME: That'd be loooovely. Tell me, is there any gravy?


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Kristen Saunders said...

Cute, I love the make up of that conversation. It's interesting what happens when you eavesdrop on people. When I was in college I actually had to do it for an assignment in one of my communications classes. In a sort of fun/ sort of creepy way this makes me want to go out, sit in a corner, and listen to other people.

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Julia Coffin said...

Hahahaha I just came across your blog by accident and I'm glad I did; this post is hilarious. Definitely gonna start telling people how looooovely the gravy and warm dessert are. Yes, they'll look at me like I'm crazy and just frown before carrying me off to the psych ward, but totally worth it to see their expressions.

unquake sol said...

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Kris said...

I'd have almost certainly wound up laughing loudly. It's hard for me to not--it's not that I'm mean or ridiculing, just that I really enjoy this sort of thing. People are amazing, they're great, and they make me laugh.

They're loooovely that way!

Little Chicken Scratch said...

Ha! Love it...thanks for that...:)


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