Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christmas Stitches

Christmas has arrived in County Wexford.
Much in thanks to my friend Maria, who hosted our Saturday sewing morning. With a 6' Christmas tree and holiday music surrounding us, we began our yuletide sewing in her decorated conservatory in beautiful  Carrig-on-Bannow.

Both Maria and Danielle had a good start on me with log cabins and other blocks adorned in red and green. I've only just begun but already have high expectations to finish a few sewing Christmas gifts started in Maria's winter wonderland. 

Maria's favourite is Christmas, and boy does it show. I think she and I met when she was hunting Christmas fabrics. She hasn't stopped since.
Cutiepie came along and lucky for her, Maria's granddaughter lead the kids craft where they made, you guessed it, Christmas cards.

When we arrived, Maria's husband served us a full Irish grill much to our amazement. We ate among family and our leisurely sewing morning easily transformed into a productive full day of sewing.

Much later in the evening, we spoke of our trip to the Southern North Pole. Danielle and I gushed about Christmas fun as we amused our husbands with our early holiday cheer. 

Sugar plums danced in our heads as we conspired for the next Christmas sewing gathering.  


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Christmas Stitches are awesome...keep it up.

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