Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Three Down, Noel to Go

Mission accomplished. I finished three baby quilts and am nearly finished quilting our Christmas quilt.

For those of you playing along: if you guessed Option 1, you win!
What was I thinking? I knew my seam ripper (only, my BFF!) was missing in action and I still did experimental quilting knowing I would need to unpick one of the patterns.
Option 1 was my attempt at lassos. For this baby boy quilt, the brothers of baby had received cowboy motif quilts from me in the past and I thought I could pull it off. No way. Sometimes, when a design is very linear, up and down, boxy patchwork, to quilt the opposite--circular--compliments the design. Not this time. I did one wiley block with crazy quilting before I knew I had to get back to straight lines.

The other two quilts (pink pinwheels and Wonky Cowboy) will be heading over the Atlantic for their new home this week. Feels great to have them finished.

I have to say that is one system that works like a charm: Piece a lovely Christmas top while you're in the festive mood (as I did December '08) and then quilt it the next December. It is a real sense of accomplishment. The fact that is was spread over a full year, seems to melt away amid all the decorating fuss and Christmas carols.

'Course Saturday sewing turned into Sunday sewing.

DH and the girls frowned slightly when I begged for my Christmas decorating task to be quilt the Christmas quilt top. Not a lot of ho ho hos.

Just a bunch of no! no! no!s


Celine said...

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I don't think you remember that we met briefly in Birmingham a couple of years ago when you were with Cathy and I was with Barbara, just before you started your VerrySherry blog I believe. Good luck with the blocks and quilts for the floodings. I'll try to send you some blocks early next year.

The Quilting Pirate said...

Hi Sherry! Sounds like you are working hard for your holiday! Love the latest edition of the magazine! I got to meet Cathi in person yesterday and it made me think of you. Hopefully one day I can meet you too! Happy Holidays!

Micki said...

You do such beautiful work!
Enjoy your holiday!