Friday, 4 December 2009

The Plan

It never stops.

There's piles of laundry to be done.
There's smudges all down the refrigerator.
There's the spare room to tidy for au pair. She canceled. Sniff.
There's magazine content to write.
There's magazine admin to manage.
There's a whole lot magazine stuff to do.
There's the flood relief that needs managing.
There's dinner to make.

Or does it?
The girls have gone off on a playdate and apparently, my mind has too. Because, despite my list above, I'm going to knock off early this Friday night and go sew. Sew to my heart's delight. As carefree as it sounds, oh, there's a list involved there too.

Finish. Finish. Finish my sister's son's baby Mattias' new quilt. Yeehaw! All it needs is a label.
Finish my friend's baby Ryan's quilt. All it needs is quilting.
Finish my friend's baby, toddler Katherine's quilt. All it needs is quilting.
Get working on finishing my friends' twins' quilts.
Quilt last-year's Christmas quilt.
And of course, I have plenty of nine-patches to be done.

So I vow to be back on this blog this weekend with pictures. My goal is a picture of the top two on list and maybe the Christmas quilt.

What do I do when my darlings return from playdate? I've that covered:
If you're hungry, check the freezer.
Nuke some soup.
Go to bed when you want, just remember to brush your teeth.
We'll decorate for Christmas tomorrow.

And remember, don't interrupt me, unless you have a quilt-saving-time tip!
Have a great weekend!


miss aine said...

Good luck with all the sewing. Its so important to take some time out from work-work. And pity about your au-pair. It must be hard to get work done with the girls running around.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Have fun sewing!! I bet it will reinvigorate you better than a night's sleep.

Shame about the au pair... :o(

Tracey said...

A long time ago one of my college professors gave me a sage piece of advice ....

when your life gets so cluttered with a to-do list so long you don't know what to do first .... choose to do something that you LIKE!

I have followed that advice for many years now. I find it helps to centre me again and I am not so panicky and anxious about all those things I have on my to-do list ... then I can knock of the most important ones in order!

Glad you choose to sew!

Erinness said...

Can I just say we are excited about the quilts coming across the Atlantic!! Are the two you just finished for Joelle's twins? She will be so excited!! And I'm sure in need of something fun. I think she is exhausted, last I spoke with her.

BTW had to change the blog addy, it's now: Will update tonight with video of Katherine finally taking her first steps. Exciting!