Thursday, 19 February 2009

When You're Richer Than You Think

I was off to bed a minute ago with my head down low ‘cause I haven’t blogged in, oh, so long! Waiting ‘til I might have something crafty to share. And then I thought, wait! I do have something several things cool to share.

The first treat is from my sister Angie, aka Angie Angie or Auntie Angie depending if it’s you or your 4yo saying her name. Nothing but exciting news coming from her part of the world. In an email, she’s informed us she’s planning a visit to Ireland in May! And in the post, goodies from her! Sweet fabric for sweet quilts.

While on the subject of sisters, most know my younger sister Karri is battling breast cancer. In December she underwent chemo and last Monday she started radiation once a day. And later that week she lectured to a room full of women for her business.

She lectured. To a room full of women. For her business. GOT ALL THAT? And her business, for those who don’t know her, is image consulting. IMAGE CONSULTING. Mind you, this was her business before she was diagnosed with cancer. It will be her business after cancer. And apparently, it is her business during cancer. Inspiration, you say? I’ll take a cup of that. And you?

Of course on this side of the pond, I’m still working on the Double Delight from Bonnie. It is a mystery project. Most quilters think the finished design is the mystery. However, the real mystery is, just-how-long-will-it-take-Sherry-to-finish? I’m loving the chocolates—many of which were given to me by Cathi...

Now to the thing that was, the thing that is, the thing that will be...Irish Quilting. People, the website is coming. Trust me. We are nearing the light. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile us drones work on. One of the greatest challenges in the world of quilting, and within that, the land of Ireland, is the scarcity of resources. In fact, this very issue helped conceive the notion of the Irish Quilting magazine. We provide resources to the Irish quilters, like Main Street provides window shopping. And with any luck, our readers, like those window shoppers, will find the door and open into a world of quilting goodies. These doors may be their local shops or they may be online shops—the important thing is they find it.

One aspect of the quilting magazine platform has always been to showcase new designs and fabric lines. In the early days we set about introducing ourselves to the various fabric companies, asking, begging to use their fabrics for sample quilts (materials not yet hit the market, but ready for promoting). Most were gladly willing. Others were darn hard to reach! And being on an island separated by vast sea doesn’t help.

First, you begin with the local distributor, which for Ireland, takes us to England.

You kindly ask that distributor for an opportunity to work together with fabric samples.

Then you pray and hope that this particular distributor, who may very well be in his job for donkey years and has no interest in stretching for the sake of new markets, new possibilities--well, you hope he sheds his stereotype.

But, he doesn’t. “We’ve never done that.” “No I don’t think that is possible.”

Then you begin paddling...toward America, the land of opportunity. The land where this fabric began. It was a journey of emails, calls and flattery—it will get you everywhere.

Finally, on a morning that was today, your postman brings you this:
Heaven in a box.

Irish Quilting is proud to be working with Moda, among other great fabric lines, to serve up fresh new delicious fabrics.

Oh, resilience and persistence, we must have been reared on it. Just ask my sister.


rachel griffith said...

how nice that your sister sent you goodies.
and even nicer that she's coming to see yall in may!!!

and your other sister...what an inspiration!!!
i got all teary eyed.
bless her heart.

yayyy for moda helping irish quilting!!!
moda rocks. hardcore.
and they have the sweetest staff EVER!!!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your sister sounds like quite a lady...she must have the same genes as you ;o) Look at what your perseverance has got you....a box full of goodies! A box of inspiration! How wonderful!

Lauradublin said...

How long did you pet your new fabric for? Great to hear the good news about both your sisters!


2ne said...

You are lucky - it gives you a lot of choices ;-)

robin said...

just found you sherry while wandering the web and avoiding dishes and textile work. congrats on all your success!!!will keep your sis in my prayers-i am american irish and an award winning textile artist/quilter( Bronx Museum of Art, NY Times, etc, blah blah). Been to Ireland tons of times(my exhusband has rellies in Offaly), so one of my projects (which i've gotten way sidetracked from is designing fabrics & quilts to marketed to the irish american community here. i hand paint and dye all my fabrics and have TOO many designs for said market; got sidetracked by a real deal relationship and another series of ideas for a handpainted book PLUS i have to take a 3 wk course to get nurses aide cert/ am disabled and the $$
the gov is a joke.....HOWEVER....i congratulate you on all your success..REALLY!!!! :) :) REALLY IAM SO GLAD FOR YOU!! and for me too!! now I have irish quilt artists to share with. i don't know if there is an irish american quilt scene, but I have REAMS of designs to yet be turned into handpainted /dyed fabic so i can turn them into quilts. hmmmm. actually i have an idea; i think i need a) a sweetie b)meds & a nap amd then tonight I can talk to bill about this idea which will
(please God)possibly enrich as in $$$ (fame is good too, but have you been reading about the usa economy??!!).
Will write back later,(when my back is not killing me) and after speaking to bill
Robin Healy a.k.a.

Annika said...

Oh what a nice box :)