Thursday, 5 February 2009

Unlike Sewing, Sleeping is Overrated

This weekend friends and I flocked to the friendly home of an American Quilter in Ireland for weekend of sewing. Sew in. Sew happy.

DH had childwatch that weekend. He was hoping to invoke a one-night-away-only, but luckily for me, I hitched a ride with two others heading from Wicklow to our sewing oasis in Wexford. Whoops! Guess that return time is out of my control. Sneaky, eh?

With some familiar and not-so-familiar faces, Friday night began with introductions and a spin of show and tells. Beautiful quilts unfolded. I regret I took no photos. We drank, laughed and conspired for the following day’s projects.

Bunked up like girls at camp--luxury camp-- it wasn’t long before my roomie regretted her pick. I can be a very active sleeper, particularly when I’ve been especially active. Like say, the last five years? You can ask DH. There is not a week goes by when I don’t push, pull or otherwise smother him in a sleepless manic fit. Usually it’s accompanied by insane workaholic mommy shrieks, like, “the baby!”, “where’s the baby?” or better yet, “did you call the printer?!” Clearly, my babes, human and literary, are on my mind.

I failed to mention all this extracurricular activity when roommates were being matched. And yet, in my sleep I remember everything in a nocturnal frenzy. Needless to say, on the second night I was given my own room.

Only I didn’t need my own room, cause I was gonna sew. And sew. And sew. There was plenty of sewing. Beck had her hands full with some dresiden plates, which funny enough changed colours from pink to apricot on an hourly basis.

Linda tediously reconstructed the gorgeous pattern that is the great Irish Charm Sensational Scrappy (all turn to IQ Vol I Issue I, page 33 and ohhh and ahhh).

Oh! And Cathi shared her stash. Bless her quilting soul! I came short of chocolate brown needed for my Double Delight mystery quilt until Cathi gave me generous helpings. Back home I finish my chocolate piecing, with each one more delicious than the next, I think of Cathi. And how to repay her? Ironically, I think some delicious yummy boxed chocolate would be perfect. But since I know Cathi is flying smooth on her new year’s weight challenge, I’ll keep searching for the better way to thank her.

Everyone had such fun. There were so many with different projects, you had to stop every so often and admire the other’s work. There were some lovely hand quilters and, of course, amazing hand quilting happening. Makes me wish I had more time to try it all!

And of course, it’s these get togethers where you actually find someone from your locale, someone in similar circumstances, on an out-of-town trip where you cross paths. We quickly were conspiring the next sewing retreat.

We could not have been better hosted. Though we did miss our quilting hostess, for between stocking food and clean dishes, she kept busy teaching two new quilters. We didn’t even see her as she set them up in a faraway room. Something to do with picking up bad habits...who us? Bad habits? Never!

I couldn't be more thankful for all the laughs and good food and drink. I think my sleep totalled 2 hours from Saturday to Sunday.

Which was fine for me, since I gave my single room to a deserving quilter who was smart enough to leave her sleeping antics at home.


rachel griffith said...

yayyy for you.

you know i am truely convinced that cathi is one of the sweetest gals EVER.

Angie said...

As a former "roomie" I can remember just how active you can be when you sleep. I figured you would have grown out of it, guess not. I have some pretty funny memmories.