Sunday, 25 January 2009

He's Belly Up

This weekend DH went to a football game in England and I killed his goldfish.
In case you're wondering, the incidents are not related. It's not like I said, YOU GO AWAY BUDDY AND YOUR FISH GETS IT. I've made a lot of marital threats, but none that include murder.

Anyway Mr. Fish died and he didn't go quietly. There was lots of crying. From Cutiepie, not Mr. Fish. The first morning DH was away I warned Cutiepie that feeding the fish too much could kill him. Now she thinks she killed the fish.

It is sad. Both DH and our last au pair were quite fond of Mr. Fish. (My condolences, Natalie.) DH took complete care of him. He fed him. He... He... Well he wasn't hard to keep anyway. He never cleaned his fish bowl, and this is where I come in. I thought I would surprise DH with a nice clean bowl for his fish. SURPRISE. The fishbowl is clean. And empty.

This weekend has been a catch-up-on-my-life-as-a-mom-and-housewife. So I've done a few cleaning chores. My mind has been whistling clean.

And I ask you, what is it with whole European one sheeted bed? We've hosted a few European au pairs and despite my best arrangement of matching flat and bottom sheets in the cupboard, it never fails, only one sheet makes it to the girls' beds. One sheet and the duvet. In fact, you can usually tell when DH makes our bed from fresh. You got it: one sheet only.
Conundrum prevailed as my less-American-everyday-5yo insisted on no top sheet in her bed making this morning. So she did.

Is using both sheets only an American thing? If so, then why buy into the whole flat and fitted proganda, if you're only going to use one? Why do European stores bother selling top sheets? I'd like to blame it on the hot weather making you want to sleep with less layers--but ahem, we are in Ireland, a pretty wet and cold climate.

Are you a two sheeter? Or are sheets an either/or for you? Soup or Salad? Fitted or flat?

Now that I've convinced my 4yo she is not a murderer, I still have to fess up to DH.
Bad news: I killed your fish. Good news: your daughters are still alive."
Believe it or not, somedays even that's a miracle.


Sew Create It - Jane said...

I so get what you are saying about the whole 1 sheet 2 sheet thing...I've been forced into a one sheet household...the DH is English after all.

Sorry to hear about the fish..glad to hear the kids are ok :o)

Lauradublin said...

I'm 2 sheets and I'm Irish, so is my Mom but my sisters aren't. No idea why!

Erinness said...

Verry interesting! My DD has yet to step on Irish soil, but from the moment we moved her into her big girl bed, she only wanted the fitted sheet and her blanket. Even in Florida in the 95 degree summer heat, she still wants only her blanket. Crazy girl.

I fought it at first, but then I realized, that meant one less laundry item for me! So one sheet it is. I however, could never give up my top sheet. The bed just feels naked without it, you know?

rachel griffith said...

oh no!!!
poor hubby.

i'm 2 sheets. and irish.
go figure.

Rebecca Todd said...

Always 2 sheets for us !!
And we are from a hot climate too !
So what is a sheet set over here ?