Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Visualizing 2009

The other day I phoned my sister...she’s finished her last round of chemo so we're thinking positive thoughts. Thanks everyone for your well wishes. She’s scheduled for mid-January surgery and we’re hoping for a non-radiation recovery.

Our last few calls we’ve focused on the positive. The year 2008 was a positive one for me, where the good outweighed the bad. Even despite my sister’s illness, we focus on the present and a positive outlook. And, people? It works. Some of you who know me outside this blog, know what I mean. And if you don’t, just drop me an email and I will share my *secret*.

Tonight my sister told me she did her visionary board to back up all her positive thoughts and to drive them forward into 2009. Visionary boards are a visual confirmation of your positive thoughts—a board with pictures of concepts, things and words that convey your affirmations, your desires and your positive thinking. What you want, what you deserve and what you’ll get!

After a week of hanging with lozenges and lemsip (think Theraflu), I decided it was time to reclaim my girls. Together we spent a few hours cutting up glossy magazines into insightful mementos, enlightening and inspiring in pictures and in words. Here’s mine.
Allow me to clarify:

New Home, kitchen, study, bedroom: while we live in a gorgeous area, our house is old and we either need to build or buy...Rock on

Mind Over Matter: need I say more?

Sleek and slim: more so, free and happy with your bod, baby!

Flowers: natural beauty

France: from the girls, home of previous au pair and Euro Disney, need I say more?

Love: for all and to all

Sandy Beach: for DH, he’s craving a vacation hotspot

Movies: more free time to catch my matinees, me myself and I

Flowers: more natural beauty

Mascara wand: from the girls, the only off-limits tool in my makeup kit

Irish Quilting: need I say more?

Shampoo: from the girls, I'm not sure, but I'm all for clean hair

Baby sleeping: from the girls, I had a startling moment with this one, but ahh, it's the sleeping! more ZZZZzzzzzz.

So there you go, a preview of this verry new year for 2009.

What’s in store for you?
Happy New Year!


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