Friday, 12 December 2008

Cause I have nothing better to do at 6 a.m.

This morning I plastered six houses. Yes. Really I did. Take that DH! (aka stucco man among friends)
Well, I joined the walls, and that's paramount to a good house. A gingerbread house.
Afterschool there are six little architects arrriving to create and design masterpieces. It should be good fun.
Yesterday was a more productive day than lately. I only had one errand amid my work and that was depositing money in the bank. A feel-good errand. Until you lose the bank. Can I help it, if all the storefronts on Main Street look alike? So here I was on Main Street, which looks like every other Main Street in every other Irish town, walking to a bank I can't find. Clearly I don't visit the bank enough.
Just when I think I've gone completely bonkers, I spy the bank's colors way over yonder. Apparently the bank moved into shiny new digs, you feel golden just by walking in. I must have missed my housewarming invite.

Tomorrow DH and I brave the cold and crazed as we head out to do our Christmas shopping. A little late for my taste, but sometimes we can't schedule chaos as good as create it. The girls have been good gift-receivers in training. According to how our Santa works, he's bringing a big item (luckily he's on top of that Wii thing), a Man U t shirt (DH influence all the way, or need I say?) and a surprise. So it's surprise time and, honestly, I can handle shopping for a 'surprise' for 5 and 4 yos. That's a walk in a park for me and DH.

Well, that is, if we can convince the other shoppers to stay home.

Do I have something on my nose?


Erinness said...

ok, the fact that it appears you baked these yourself AND plastered, while launching a magazine makes you so my idol!

merry xmas from the us! Can't believe how big the girls are getting!

Anne Marie said...

Come on, lets see the finished houses!!!!! I was sooo away with the fairies on drugs that I forgot it was this past Friday!!!! Too Cute!