Wednesday, 13 August 2008

A Winning Family, well sort of

Remember all those friends waiting for their babies? Well, they’re all arriving now. So far I’ve counted four baby lasses and one lad. And they’re so darn cute!

I’ve only finished quilts for two wee ones and am in the middle of a third pink piecing. The fourth girl is daughter to a quilter, so, um, no, I won’t be quilting for her little one. I’m sure her mom can quilt circles around me. Did I ever say I was a good quilter? No. And know that I’m not. I admit it.

Every August is the Tinahealy Show; it’s very comparable to the County or State fairs in the States. Every year we browse tents looking at all the home produce, home crafts and colourful quilts submitted by folks all over the island. This year we decided to get in on the action.

The girls did a good few crafts and would have even one first prize for Mr. Melon below, but we forgot the ‘on a plate’ as per the entry instructions. Our Mr. Melon head was quite capable upright without the plate.

Truth be told it was Mary Poppins IV and me that created him, the girls’ interest waned after the decorated egg and recycled art.

I had hoped to get my favourite quilt entered. But as it goes, it was not done in time. I even stayed up late the night prior. But you know what? It is to be my favourite and darn it I’m gonna take my time and do it right. So I called a friend. We had been at their house recently and a quilt I made {in a rush, I note here] hung neatly and picturesque in a foyer leading to the kids’ room.

So I asked if I could borrow it for the fair.

The girls ooooed and aaaaed in each tent as we spotted our very own work. Verry proud of their drawings as Babydoll points them out to DH. A family of successful artists. Yeah, right. And, we’re also millionaires, did I ever tell you?

When I collected my quilt, the organizer tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Here are the judges’ comments for your quilt.” Judges? Comments? Um, this was just for fun, people. Really.
But no, I got it, at least I thought I got it. ..there were ribbons awarded...I just thought one look and the judges would know I was only entering for fun. Let’s just say I knew what was in that envelope. I’m not fooling anyone, people.
The comments read:

1. Great notion for kids. Children will love it. [play pockets with finger puppets]
2. Not well made. Not. Well. Made. NOT. WELL. MADE. [in case you missed that one, it’s not made well.]
3. Could benefit from technique lessons. [like, daaaaaah, don’t I know]
4. We hope you’ll try again next year. [you bet I will, if only to see my girls’ eyes light up again]

And so finally, my mind and the world were in agreement. There were marvellous quilts in there, of which I have great respect, but my work is not yet competition level. I do need classes and practice. (Maybe I shouldn't have entered, do you think?)

DH had been reading over my shoulder and I think it had a bigger effect on him than me.

“That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it?” He mumbled, head down. Poor guy, you’d think we’d have to go home and get our report card signed by mammy. He was so deflated.

“Oh, honey” I consoled him. “I’m a writer, not an accomplished quilter like some. Just means I have room to learn. Come on, let’s go home, we’ve got a magazine to publish.”

Speaking of which, you will not believe the pros we’ve got contributing in the first issue of Irish Quilting.

Mind if I namedrop a little? Ricky Tims, Elizabeth Scott, Pat Sloane, Luana Rubicon, Anna Maria Horner, Tammy Tadd...just to name a few.

Patterns, patterns, and more patterns. Stunning photography. Tips and techniques. And a whole lot more.

Trust me, I’ll learn yet how to quilt like a pro!


The Quilting Pirate said...

yikes on the babies?? did you make quilts for all of them?

congrats on all the fun with the Mr. Melon Head!!

I'm so excited to see the first issue of Irish Quilting!!

Anna K. said...

So many babies! Love it!

Mr. Melon Head was really neat...even without the plate.

Judges? Comments? Who needs 'em?! I thought your quilt was lovely. Really liked what you said about doing it again if only to see your precious girls' eyes light up again.

The thing that's always fascinated me about quilting is the fact that it's for all levels and abilities. Embrace your "semi-pro" status and run with it, Shug!

PS~I'm all tingly 'bout the magazine launch, Sherry!

Anna K. said...
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gramakas said...

That quilt is WONDERFUL! I love how bright and colorful and whimsical it is. Even though I've judged several quilt shows and have had to offer up some "constructive criticism", I still think every quilt is special and unique in it's own way and was not necessarity made to be compared to any other quilt. Kudos to you for sharing it for the sheer love of the craft.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I think your quilt is wonderful...what do those judges know!

The line up for the magazine sounds fab...Can't wait to see the premier issue!