Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Persevering Through Pain

For the last two months, I've awoken with a pain in my underarm. The day progresses with searing pain down to my fingers and alternates with a dull throb in my elbow.

Must be a trapped nerve. What is it like to be a trapped nerve? A needling little nuisance?

Once I was called a badger by a boss, which in my book is the same thing as a needling nuisance, a royal pain among other working muscles. I guess I bothered her. In fairness to me, she was not at the top of her game and the natives on our team were restless. Back then I was 21, knew it all and was outspoken, unlike my unhappy, but wise, middle-age coworkers working in our department. Although I went onward with promotions and seven years employed in that company, she, on the other hand, endured divorce and redundacy a short while after our time together.
(I would like to stress that I make no link between her shortcomings as a manager, her marital demise and the downsizing of one of America's largest drugstore corporations. Nor does being a badger bring merits--suffice to say, I was and am a hardworker.)
Still I often reflect on this time with my boss and I do regret my behaviour. I was a painful nerve to her and she was trapped as my superior. My comments did nothing but bring criticism and spectulation. The greatest offense was being inexperienced know-it-all clerk. We managed well as a team, but my needling was uncomfortable to us all.

Much like my trapped nerve which serves to disturb my mobility, sleep and mood. Dr. Google says these pressing pests have a way of going away on their own. Treatment is simple a form of pain suppression.

Back then I eventually found my place and confidence in my own work and stopped worrying about my superior.

Treatment was and is life experience. Climb onboard.

Treat yourself today!

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