Saturday, 8 January 2011

Scales of Time

My 2011 is a cliche. Yes, I'm trying to lose weight and exercise more. I could only be more cliche if I had a smoking addiction to kick. Thankfully I don't.

I'm also going to try to carve out more sewing time. I thought about calling it "creative time", but honestly creative time is always happening. What is needed is more execution time. The last sewing was the girls' Christmas skirts. Here is the promised photo of skirt set 1.
If I were to do them again, I would shorten the front panel. Due to natural waist/swag of the girls bellies, skinny or chubby (and I have one of each!), the panels lay longer than the skirt hem, whereas it would look best if they align. Just a tip, if you're watching at home!

They're mock Scottish skirts. The girls are interested in Scotland, my father's origin, so that was nice. The fabric itself had a sweet story--originating from a special request from one friend to another friend's visiting relative. "I'd love some plaid fabric and teddy fabric." She made her children pajamas. Years later, the unused remants found their way back to the friend's house, until recently they were passed on to me.

Several skirts later, I'm craving quilting time. I hope to get to that soon.

In the meanwhile, my cliche takes centre stage. Empty the house of sweets and snacks. Begin the daily walks. Weigh myself.


We have no weigh scale in the house. We used to have a fancy digital scale. A fancy tempermental scale that you had to step, pounce, step back, wait, re-step, and settle before it would reveal the magic numbers. I was hardly impressed. And even less bothered when it stopped working last year.

I missed the swinging climb of the numbered wheel in a traditional scale. The glassy big electronic diameter of Fancy Scale did nothing for me. DH was its only fan. Personally, I think DH admired the scale's larger-than-usual size. As if by some crazy relation, the more weight, the more acceptable coming from a larger instrument.

Yesterday I found my fitness partner.

A small tidy black and white traditional scale costing 8 bucks. Already DH disapproved. He is the ultimate salesman's target--if it doesn't cost much, it mustn't be good. Quite honestly, I don't need to pay a lot only to be told I've eaten too much. As DH and I were debating the quality of the new device, the girls wandered in. Alas, children have a way of putting all in perspective.

Cutiepie: "Cool! Mommy bought a time machine!"

Oh, don't we wish it were a time machine?

One by one, we climbed aboard and waited for the numbered wheel to stop.

The mom in me fretted as my pre-tween daughters weighed themselves. I figured if we took very little notice of it, we could avoid setting in a deeply-rooted self-conscious.

As DH's size-11 feet covered the entire scale, its numbers spun, bobbing to the nearest to last increment. Cutiepie made her second hilarious observation:

"Whoa!! Daddy made it go almost right back 'round to zero!"

That's right, DH might just like this time machine yet.

May your timing be right for you!



Funny! I haven't been on my" time machine" in awhile. Your kids are the sweetest!

Gosh what a nightmare with your IUD! I had one years ago and couldn't take the pain and had to have it taken out. I hope things go off without a hitch in surgery.

The Quilting Pirate said...

Love the skirts, how fun.

You made me laugh, a time machine...that is exactly what it is!! Good luck with your goals this year, I know you can do anything when you put your mind to it and with all your supports you might have to take a number to use the time machine :)

What's Next said...

I love the time machine! So much more fun than it's true identity!

Hearing Aids said...

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Judy Alexander said...

I am living the same cliche this year and my maiden name in Campbell so I can relate to the Scotish thing. I hope not to be too obsessed with the time machine!