Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Why We Call Her Cutiepie

On Babies:

Mommy, I want a baby. Can you go make one with Daddy?
Can you do it with Daddy, so we can have a baby?
Do what?
I think you have to go lay down with him.

Next morning, Cutiepie jumps in bed with us, and asks, "So, did you do it?"

On Food:

Mommy, where did you put my donut? Did you eat it??
It's in the boot with the groceries.
Mom!!! Did you eat it?
No, I promise, it's in with the groceries.
Mom, please don't kid about my food.

Mommy, how many days old was I when we left the hospital?
Four days old.
Mommy, did we leave after lunchtime?

On Music:

Mommy, please can we listen to our CD?
You know the one with Dancing on the Queen and Mommy Mommy?

Any Abba fans out there?


Peggy said...

Oh that's so cute. they are so funny!

Evin said...

Adorable! I laughed out loud about the donut. She's so right, you don't kid about favorite foods.