Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Staying in Touch

Long ago, I used to write. I wrote letters. I wrote pages of letters to friends. These long letters I mailed to friends. I'm sure the stuff I wrote was so insignificant, I would cringe to reread those letters now.

But at the time, it was my life, my day, my thoughts.

These days if my friends are lucky they'll get encrypted text, a rushed email, facebook comment, or a rare posting on Blogger. If they're real (NOT) lucky, they'll get a chain, deadline-driven, promised goodluck/threatened bad luck, generically written plea asking them to pass the same assembly-line sentiments to their friends...who also haven't heard from their friends in 4 months.

Facebook? It overwhelms me:
Poking? I'm not sure of the whole premise. Poking? It just plain annoys me.
Cyber invitations? Instills the "I should be there" guilt.
Friends' Requests? Really? The 40yo high school mate who sends me a photo with himself in a wife beater t-shirt sitting atop a hot rod. Need I go on?
What's on Your Mind? Does anyone really want to know what's on my mind when I click on Facebook? As much as it is not my gig; I'm amazed at those who correspond there regularily.

What's it going to take to bring back the old pen and paper? Even if we were to restrict it to personal hey-I-miss-you messages?
What do you use to say I miss you? I like you? How are you? Anyone still using snailmail for written sentiments? I dare you.

From the Peanut Gallery
Taken from the reality show, Millionaire Matchmaker. Which goes like,
"Ladies, here's my millionaires!"

Taken from the mouth of my babe, 4yo Cutiepie: "Ladies, here's my mommyaire!"

Ok. Ok. It is cutier hearing it in person. But it still makes this mommy feel like a million bucks!


Babydoll, on the day of her daddy and mommy's wedding anniversary.

"Oh! Mommy! We have to go out and celebrate what your marriage used to be like!"


Sew Create It - Jane said...

If it wasn't for the humble pen and paper then my DH and I would never had been :o) I have several years worth of letters in the garage that I wrote to my DH when I was a teenage. Now those ARE cringe worthy!!

Anonymous said...

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